Law and Order SVU: Outrage over Stabler, Benson non kiss is both warranted and sad

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If you were on social media on Thursday night observing the fan meltdown over the Law and Order SVU kiss that never happened after a 24 year old wait, then you might have been feeling one of two ways.

1) You may have been very angry: And you should be. The marketing tactics deployed by NBC leading up to the episode was pretty forward. We were getting a kiss between Stabler and Benson. Something fans have been begging YEARS for. There were other TV blogs that treated it like a forgone confusion. This was supposed to happen. It did not.

2) You were amused: Listen, I appreciate Law and Order SVU. Even though I’m not a viewer, as a TV blogger you need to respect it and monitor it all of the time.

Watching viewers get upset over a Law and Order SVU episode must feel like getting a call from your kid’s high school and being told they were caught smoking weed, even though they’re the likely valedictorian. It was just weird, man.

People get mad at other shows all of the time. How many objects have we broken because of Grey’s Anatomy? HBO writers actually invent ways to hurt us. CBS is more like pin pricks at random times.

But NBC? Not the Peacock!

Still, you’d better believe that these Law and Order stans, the same ones that were cursing the writers well into the midnight hour and into this morning, will be back next week. Its not one of the most revered and longest franchises on television for nothing.

Still. Viewers won’t easily forget last night.

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