Night Court: Marsha Warfield stokes rumors of a potential return

While its only three episodes in, the “Newboot” of Night Court has been mostly a pleasant return, with John Larroquette maintaining his timing from his wonderful Dan Fielding character, and the show pulling the laughs from where they’ve always been the funniest. In the courtroom.

But with spin offs, legacy characters will always loom. While we’ve lost some of the original castmembers, we’ve still got Roz played by Marsha Warfield.

Warfield tweeted this out regarding a recent article concerning a possible return..

The truth is that there are many who would love to see a Roz return. There are plenty of places where she could be plugged in whether its a one-off appearance or a recurring arc. As a fan of both the original and a new show, I can tell you it would be good to introduce a more grounded character into the show’s chemistry. Abby, Olivia, and Gurgs, do seem to be operating from a high amount of caffeine at times. There is a need to be filled here.

But one more curveball for you. How do we know she hasn’t already been booked? Its difficult to believe that Melissa Rauch, who is also an EP on the show, hasn’t kicked that ball around already.

And NBC has always been respectful of source material. Fraiser brought in as many “Cheers” cast as they could. More recently “Lopez vs Lopez” brought back almost all of George Lopez’s family from his first show and that ran on a different network. Quantum Leap has Scott Bakula’s blessing as fans beg for his return over there.

Exciting possibilities to consider.

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