WWE: Sami Zayn deserved that beat down, we should be rooting for Roman to retain at WM

Relax. This is all from an angle perspective. All of these superstars have absolutely been “crushing it” and doing some of the best work of their careers.

“The tiger didn’t go crazy. The tiger went tiger.”

Chris Rock’s stand up rang through my head as Roman Reigns and The Bloodline destroyed Sami Zayn and Kevin Owen last night in The Royal Rumble finale. Absolutely breaking the hearts of millions of wrestling fans around the world, in one of the best executed angles of the modern wrestling era. It was beautiful. All of it.

But don’t expect me to feel sorry for Sami Zayn.

Yeah. Not even a little bit.

We keep forgetting how much Sami wanted to be a part of this toxic group. And yeah, the Tribal Chief is cool, but you’ve known in the back of your minds that he is not a good dude.

He’s that high school kid that smokes cigarettes and beats up kids in between classes in high school. He’s the WWE’s version of Draco Malfoy if I ever saw one. He rules through tyranny, not wisdom.

Why would Sami want to be a part of that? Why would anyone?

And he was denied several times. He had to go out of his way to earn the trust of each of the Bloodline’s members. And even after he was accepted, he was held for accountable for things he could not control.

Then. When he didn’t commit to the level of savagery that was demanded of him. He was destroyed.

Forgive me if I don’t mourn the patient who begs for the poison instead of the cure.

I’ll be rooting for Roman Reigns to retain his titles at Wrestlemania. Both against Cody and against Sami if they should give him a chance in Los Angeles or at the Elimination Chamber.

There is a lesson to be learned here. But no one is listening.

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