American Auto: We’re getting something of an SNL reunion

American Auto had an excellent return last week. It was in the top two best episodes the series has had in its brief history (story HERE). It will try to continue its comedic comeback tomorrow in what is looking like a Saturday Night Live reunion.

The synopsis says that Katherine will continue to try and rehabilitate Payne Motors with something of a charm offensive. That includes an appearance on the Seth Meyers show. Both Ana Gasteyer and Meyers were on the long running skit show for years, and Gasteyer recently appeared to plug season 2 of the program as herself on the late nighter.

But what is great for us, the viewer, is that we’re likely getting a train wreck. And American Auto is best when it’s train wreck television that talks about fictional cars getting in wrecks.

In more good news, it appears that we might be getting Eric Stonestreet back for at least another episode. The “Modern Family” Emmy Winner did some strong work as the PR spin doctor trying to get the team through its rough patch last week. We don’t know how many more episodes he’ll be appearing on.

Be sure to check back on Wednesday morning for a review.

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