Fire Country: You say Nepo, We say Nugget

Fire Country returned last night on a special evening, in front of what could be the most eyeballs it’s been in front of during its short run up to this point. This is all house money as Max Thieriot’s adventure drama has been a winner in the ratings, and has already been renewed for a second season.

That’s a good thing because “The Two Pink Lines” was a weaker episode with a lot of things that didn’t make too much sense.

We got a new cast member named Collin. He was called a “Nugget” because his dad was a big shot with Cal Fire. So yeah, technically Bode and Gabby are nuggets too. On his first day, he kicked a boulder down a hill almost killing a couple of people in the unit. It was the show’s most impressive visual though.

For the second straight week, Jake had to participate in a high stakes medical procedure and that was delivering a baby. I like where the show is taking him. Spin off territory, maybe? Collin could be a replacement.

And that baby turned out to be Freddy’s. This I didn’t like because there was no build and he began acting uncharacteristically bizarre. I’m glad they didn’t kill him.

Bode and Sharon discussing the kidney transplant was cool because Sharon is probably the person we care most about on the show. Jake is also a match. Could Jake donate his kidney to make things right for getting her daughter killed.

I’m glad they waited to pull the trigger on Gabby and Bode. This dude scores more in jail than most guys do on the outside.

And I’m going to save my theory on who the arsonist is for another post. Probably today. Stay tuned.

I’ll see you guys next time.

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