Night Court: Newboot has to tread carefully when dealing with Dan Fielding’s love life

If we’re being honest Dan Fielding might be the first womanizer I remember from network television. And while he won Emmys for being sleazy, it would be difficult for that character to really be celebrated in today’s prime time TV climate.

So, it will be interesting to see how the new Night Court confronts the issue tomorrow as Abby attempts to get Dan back out and playing the field. Dan’s way of hitting on every attractive woman that came into her dad’s courtroom was anticipated by the audience. The old school fans have already felt a little shirked by the tone of the new show, if they’re not careful they could push the fandom back even further.

“How do you do it, then?” Its a tough question to answer. But Ill give it my best shot.

Slow and patiently, I’ll say.

John Larroquette has already said that this Dan has fallen in love and lost the person he cared for. That provides an out right there. But viewers aren’t going to want to see Dan brooding over a lost love for the duration of the show.

But the story hasn’t introduced romance at all. Not even Abby appears to be interested in anyone. Gurgs flirted with a cop last week, but that was more on the silly side.

Hopefully, Larroquette and Melissa Rauch have a gameplan that will allow us both some sentimentality, and a little bit of fun. Heck. Maybe the could bring back Teri Hatcher as a grandmother for an episode.

It is possible to do both. Be both fun and respectable. But its a formula that Night Court has never tried before and should be done with care.

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