Poker Face: Show launches a BS Hotline and it actually works

Peacock launched Poker Face, last week and the Natasha Lyonne action-comedy is a winner early on in its run, creating a protagonist in Charlie Cale that is just so easy to root for (story HERE).

Charlie’s gift is that she’s able to detect if someone is lying to her. And she’s already called out BS a few times while trying to solve her mysteries.

And in a stroke of viral brilliance, the show has created a BS Hotline featuring the show’s star.

And the hotline actually works. If you call the phone number in the ad, you’ll be given some prompts. If you press the corresponding number, you’ll get a message from Charlie with her typical modest and humorous delivery.

This is the second social media content win for NBC in as many weeks. They held an “Ask me anything” with Katherine Hastings, the CEO of Payne Motors from American Auto (post HERE).

You can watch the commercial for the hotline below. And try calling the number.

And also check back for Poker Face content here.

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