Quantum Leap: “I’m fine, Valerie”

After another inexplicable break following the too long winter break, we finally had Quantum Leap back this week, in a quirky kinda-sorta-not-really-a-timeloop episode that delivered down the stretch.

We had Ben leaping into different people at the sight of a renewable nuclear energy project. It was good to have Robert Picardo on board as Dr. Woolsey, I also enjoyed Highdee Quan as Millicent, Valerie, and Mallory in a joke that was easy but still made me laugh.

Adding Janis to the mix back in the present time, does wonders for a supporting cast that needs a purpose and more importantly a bite in the drama department. Lets see more of that.

I understand we needed some action early on, but the fake Ben death didn’t hit home for me. Even if you came in completely blind to the show, we really didn’t buy that he was gone.

What ultimately made the episode work was the acting down the stretch. For such a short episode in terms of character development of the people Ben was leaping into, I was surely invested when the final scene came down. This leap could have also worked very easily as a play.

So, we’re going to learn who Ben talked to and pushed him into leaping. I’ll be there. Just as long as NBC doesn’t continue to give this show unneeded pauses.

And our next leap looks like the most modern one yet. You know I’ll be there. See you then!

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