American Auto: “The AC is sucking them up. They’re airborne.”

American Auto continued their sophomore campaign this week, fresh off of Katherine’s gamble with the board that costed her a golden parachute. And it was charm offensive time. Happy to say we had another winner this week.

The cold open was really good, with a hater sending Katherine a box of pubic hair, which she promptly dropped on the floor of her office. The panic that followed (including the title of this post) and having that clean up effort continue, during the opening minutes was fun to explain to someone who joined me in watching the show after it started.

It was also great to have Eric Stonestreet’s Ian back, and turn promptly heel in a detestable turn that revealed him as something of a psychopath. I was worried that Katherine would actually fall for his nonsense after lying to her stepdaughter during the apology shoot and end up getting Sadie fired. I’m sad to see him go, but hopefully they can have him back soon. He’s great.

The Seth Meyers stuff was good. I enjoyed the SNL reunion, and once again Ana Gasteyer can turn Katherine on a dime, from bumbling CEO, to a sincere and strong leader in impressive fashion.

And the rest of the cast was also good with the social media scheming. A year ago, it was all Katherine. Now, its possible to have a good time with any combination of the cast. That’s strong TV.

American Auto is speeding in the right direction and could be the funniest sitcom the network has on right now. I’ll see you next time.

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