Alaska Daily: It almost feels like ABC is trying to get this show cancelled

Do you remember when the last episode of Alaska Daily aired? I’ll give you a hint.

It was before Thanksgiving. And its return, originally scheduled for later this month, has been pushed back to the beginning of March.

At this point, why even bother bringing it back?

The story of hotshot reporter, Eileen Fitzgerald, played by two time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank, being exiled to Alaska to investigate the murders of women from the area, hasn’t been particularly good, with reporters sounding more like cops instead of journalists. But the presence of Swank in a prime time environment has afforded the program some time to get its act together. The cliffhanger that led into the break was one of the few threads we could grab on to and invest in.

But pushing it back another week does it no favors.

The excuse being given is to allow the show to air the rest of its debut season uninterrupted. That sounds good in principle.

However, do you know the episode that was originally supposed to lead into the return of Alaska Daily?

Meredith Grey saying her farewell to Grey’s Anatomy. Everybody will be watching that and bawling their eyes out.

Why would you move a show that you’re trying to save away from that night? Why?

If ABC were serious about saving the show, they could at least announce its renewal and put an end to this uncertainty once and for all.

But we’re not doing that. And fans that have actually invested hours into watching the show are at risk of watching that investment go to waste.

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