Fire Country: My theory has Jake losing a kidney, but finding a girlfriend

This Fire Country post has to deal with the fallout from that Post AFC Championship which also introduced the mystery arsonist that appears to be the big bad (story HERE).

But instead, we’re going to talk about Jake.

In addition to the arsonist, another major plot has Sharon searching for a kidney to save her life. We already know that Bode is a match. But in the latest teaser from tomorrow’s episode, we hear Eve mention that even if Sharon eventually takes an organ from her son (something she’s already said she won’t do) it means that Bode will have to go back to prison proper, because 3 Rock doesn’t have the medical facilities to give him the care he needs. We’ve also seen in the sizzle reel for the rest of the season that Sharon’s condition is going to get worse.

Enter Jake. Who has gone from a detestable heel, to one of the easiest guys on the show to root for. Jordan Calloway is a star, with either a spin off from Fire Country, or another CBS show on the horizon.

He’s also a match. He’ll be the one who gives Sharon a kidney. And it will complete his redemption arc.

Not much of theory for the next one. But he’s going to end up with Cara. Bode’s ex and the nurse that had a heart attack at Sharon’s house and helped him with that roadside procedure.

The reason I know this is because there is footage of Gabriella giving him her blessing.

So, big things for the Jake character in the coming weeks. Maybe the most interesting guy on the show at this point.

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