July 25, 2024

Will Trent: Here are the songs heard during the flashbacks from “Unable to locate”

This week, we had a new episode of the excellent “Will Trent” which was highlighted by flashbacks in the early 2000s featuring a teenaged Will and Angie.

While the story was excellent and built on the relationship of the title character and his most important connection on the show, I know some of you may have been wondering what the title of some of those songs were.

The first flashback was “My Boo” from the “Ghost Town DJs”

The second flashback “Where my girls at?” by 702

And the final cutaway from “I’ve been loving you too long” by Otis Redding.

Some other notes.

The show took another step forward in becoming stronger in proving that it could work without Ramon Rodriguez. We had Angie and Ormewood level up, and it was good watching Faith make the save.

And of course the flashbacks were very well done.

It’s time to talk about the “R word”, and I mean renewal. We haven’t heard anything about it yet. Let’s hope ABC realizes that this is a strong show and we’ll hear back soon.

See you next time!

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