Saturday Night Live: Pedro Pascal and Coldplay win with an abundance of laughs

When you’ve got Pedro Pascal hosting on Saturday Night Live there are just so many different ways you can go. This is because he’s currently leading two of the biggest shows on TV right now with “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian”.

SNL broke its cold open losing streak with the Chinese Balloon on Katy Tur. Bowen Yang as the balloon (who was still wearing floaties) was good and drew a laugh from me with “Yellowstone is like Succession but outside” quip.

Pascal’s monologue was great. I’d never heard him make the Mando voice without a helmet before. And while the 3rd skit gameshow spot has become tiresome on SNL, it wasn’ terrible. BTW you can read my Ptolemy Grey review HERE (nobody else did).

The “waking up” skit was great with Pedro getting Heidi Gardner to break. It was maybe the funniest skit of the night. The Tik Tok teacher spot was one of the few misses of the evening.

Weekend Update had what could have been its best segment of the year. It did not miss with it jokes over the balloon, the Super Bowl, and Puxatawney Phil, who I wish they could bring back sooner. Sharp and quick Weekend Update is the best Weekend Update.

The Last of Us crossover with Mario Kart, protective moms, and the rude waiters were all winners as well.

Coldplay was Coldplay, and I”m a fan so I was fine with both performances. “Fix You” is still such a powerful song.

The show will take a couple of weeks off and return on February 25th with Woody Harrelson and Jack White.
I’ll see you then!

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