Alert MPU: We might be getting warm on the “Keith” mystery

It feels like Alert: Missing Persons Unit has given us enough puzzle pieces to figure out it’s Keith mystery. Especially after the closing scene of last night’s episode “Tim and Amy” ep.

Theory: “Keith” is not the lost son of Jason and Nikki but instead another abducted boy trying to escape an abusive authority figure. That may be his actual mom or a family member.

Our reasoning will present itself very soon. In fact, if “Keith” doesn’t immediately go to Nikki or Jay (or even Sydney) about his abductor showing up outside of his room, then we’ll know he’s an impostor.

And the next episode “Shannon” will tackle another missing twin mystery which could take us even closer to the reveal.

Furthermore, if you trust in the timing and upcoming promos of the show, then “Keith” may actually be “Craig”. And we may see Jason and Nikki try to help this boy get his life together.

Some other notes on the episode.

The Dania Ramirez monologue may have been a little much. Her acting was fine. The words weren’t. But the explosive she used to take down the drug dealers was just awesome. Excellent way to end the stand off.

Our Kemi progression is excellent. Two weeks ago this character was working with limes and eggs. Now her angle may be the most interesting on the show.

Rachel (Elana Dunkelman) is freaking adorable and gives C. some more definition. I also enjoyed the Rodriguez character (Eva Avila).

Finally, a viewer mentioned Scott Caan using a tiny gun. Jason has one of the best hero aesthetics on TV right now. Revolvers don’t jam and a good leather jacket doesn’t miss. All the characters on this show look good.

See you next time.

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