Fire Country: All three of Bode’s romances will be in one place this week

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know what I think if Max Theiriot’s Bode on the CBS hit show “Fire Country”.

Dude has it better in jail, than most guys do on the outside. While he’s serving time, he gets to have parties, see his parents whenever he wants, and his love life is thriving.

This week he will have three past, present, and future romances in the same place for “A fair to remember”, where something will go wrong at a county fair.

We’ll have Gabriela. While Stephanie Arcila is fine in the role, Gabby is boring. The most entertaining thing she’s done is literally jump off a bridge after one of her friends did, proving judgemental mothers everywhere wrong with their favorite hypothetical question to misbehaving children.

Cara, the nurse who went into Bode’s mom’s house and had a heart attack will also be there. Only this time she’ll be with Jake, Bode’s friend turned foe, turned friend again, who will likely give Sharon a kidney.

And then you’ll have Rebecca. The corporate lawyer doing time with Bode. And she might actually be my favorite.

This…Is CBS. Right? Hey. Max is a handsome cat.

But the show has also hit a dramatic stride. One thing missing in the promos and in the entire last episode was the arsonist mystery. There apparently is a ride malfunction at the fair. Is the arsonist tied to that?

We’ll see if we can get more light shined on that storyline as well as others. Be sure to check back for a Fire Country review on Saturday morning.

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