Alert MPU: Young promising show should have gotten FOX post Super Bowl showcase

The Grey’s Anatomy bomb episode…
“The Office” fire drill episode…
“The Equalizer” promoter episode…

The post Super Bowl selection is a big choice for whichever network happens to host the game during that particular year. It could be a “show meets world” moment like the ones I mentioned above and send the show sailing to smooth ratings waters for years to come.

And this year FOX has selected….. Next Level Chef (!)???


Listen, I love Gordon Ramsay and have checked out all of his programming. Even shows he didn’t star in, like his Selena + episode. But he didn’t need this exposure. Look at those Hell’s Kitchen numbers. That show is ancient.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit, the new procedural starring Scott Caan and Dania Ramirez should have gotten that spot. There is a lot of potential there.

But FOX continues to make strange programming decisions (like renewing “Welcome to Flatch” over “Pivoting” and no, I won’t let it go).

And its not like they haven’t made good choices with the slot before. They’ve aired “The Masked Singer” there when they were younger, and back in the day, they had the excellent House “Frozen” episode.

They could have shown Next Level Chef anytime and people would have checked it out. Even a 911 episode would have been a better call.

The best call would have been Alert. People want to be intrigued after watching the Super Bowl. There is enough action and mystery going on here to hold an audience.

Believe me. The last thing anyone wants after the Super Bowl is to stare at more food after gorging for the last four hours.

And if Alert doesn’t get renewed, we’ll look at this moment right here as a missed opportunity.

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  1. Agreed! It’s bad enough Alert was handicapped with its current time slot. Hello? After Fantasy Island and opposite NCIS?!?! Terrible programming decision.

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