Night Court: Why the Horse in court moment was important for the “Newboot”

There was a lot going on this week on a brand new Night Court, as the “newboot” continues to find its footing with a second season already on the way.

Let’s talk about the cold open. More specifically, the horse in court.

While we could mention the train trial, or Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinsky guest starring, the horse in court moment was one of the most “Night Court” things the new version has done during it’s young run.

This is because the show is about visuals in the courtroom and gimmicks. This week we had both. We had Gurgs and Dan trying outduel each other, as Dan tried to make it to his exclusive dinner reservation, which is another vintage Night Court moment.

This is the kind of silliness that we came for and what we enjoyed from the original. More of this please.

Some other notes..

Abby instant recognizing the joke spilled coke can on the train was another smaller moment for me. Of course Harry’s daughter would instantly recognize that.

That was a rather generous “Law and Order” plug in the train. And I don’t doubt that “everyone has played a dead body on Law and Order”.

I think Judge Murray Flobert and Linda would be good recurring joke characters on the show.

Also, there was a campaign poster in the background of a train. It’s probably nothing, but I want it noted on the blog.

“Big hick energy” made me lol.

And finally, I enjoyed seeing Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. I reminded myself that they’re champion athletes and not actors. And of course they already knew Judge Abby. I guess we’ll keep looking for her Mel Torme.

Solid show. See you next time!

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