Animal Control: Killer bunnies on recreational drugs

Yeah, that was a steep drop.

Animal Control continued with its second episode this week that resulted in almost zero laughs, as Frank and the gang had to tangle with rabbits and pythons this time. It should have been funnier, but the show did exactly what I was worried it would do.

And that’s taking the animals out of Animal Control

I was completely uninterested in the Emily making her speech story line. That is a season 2 plot right there. Viewers don’t care enough about her yet to get invested, and while we can appreciate that she is the reserved type, her tripping off of the rabbit’s psychedelics would have hit much more harder if we had built a little more.

Let’s talk about some of the positives.

The rabbit stuff was amusing in a slapstick way. The crew moving towards the pen carrying carrots and riot shields was a nice visual. The biting puppet was a little much though.

Our next run-in with the python was better with a Seattle Seahawks wide receiver trying not to get strangled by his much stronger exotic pet. I laughed when Frank made the jokes about the Seahawks depth chart (he ain’t lying) and I thought his dying request to beat the Rams was also funny.

The final scene with his dad fell flat with me.

This isn’t a huge deal. The show is still finding its footing and there is still a lot of potential here. But we should explore the funny premise of the show and concentrate on getting deeper with these characters a little later.

See you next time.

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