The Company You Keep: The Hills can’t keep up with the Nicoletti charisma

The Company You Keep was back this week with its second episode. And for the most part, it was still pretty good. But we are starting to identify where the show is speeding up and when it’s slowing down.

TCYK flies when the Nicoletti family is running the con, just like it did again when Charlie and the gang were trying to steal a necklace. Leo playing Milos, the over the top fashion photographer was the best part of the show, demonstrating how great William Fichtner is. And Sarah Wayne Callie’s Birdie is also great as the protective mother to her deaf child. There are layers here and they’re all working right now.

Which is why it’s almost unfair that I have to criticize their counterparts, the Hills. Emma’s family. The acting is fine. And as someone who comes from politics, the campaign angle should captivate me. But it doesn’t. It just all falls flat. I don’t care about them. I would rather the CIA be Emma’s “family”. Symmetry isn’t necessarily needed here. Catherine Haena Kim can carry the load. I know producers want that family meet up episode but it might not be worth the trouble.

If we’re being honest, the Hill’s aren’t even the second most interesting family on the show. Daphne and the Maguire crew has demonstrated more layers.

Some praise.

The hotel room sequence was very well done. As was the photoshoot (The cuticle on his thumb. He looks like a trucker lol). We’re getting some good action here.

See you next week!

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