July 24, 2024

Bel-Air: The show tackled the classic Jazz vs Uncle Phil feud this week

If you know the original Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you know one thing.

Uncle Phil does not like Jazz.

Our celebrated father figure literally threw Will’s best friend out of his house more times than we can count, after he would say something stupid or overstep his boundaries as a guest in the Banks domain.

And this week Bel Air approached that feud. They kind of nailed it.

After a tense stretch of relationship talk regarding the dating life of an influencer (more on that in a minute), Hilary surprised her boyfriend by going public…With her parents, in a surprise lunch.

Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil arrived to find Jazz at his daughter’s home and things were…Cordial.

Adrian Holmes and Jordan Jones nailed the scene, each sporting their own uncomfortable expressions. It was the art of this post that perfectly illustrated the tension behind the meeting.

I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Also this week, Bel Air tackled a fascinating topic regarding the life of online influencers that are running the narrative on so many different things these days. Specifically, their dating lives.

You’ll recall that Hilary bribes Jazz with a gourmet near-chicken sandwich and gets him to loan her his ultra impressive 64′ Impala for a video shoot. When the shoot begins, influencer house boss, Ivy, makes Hilary give her the keys to Jazz’s car. Jazz promptly crashes the shoot to find somebody besides his girlfriend driving his prized possession.

This leads to an uncomfortable argument about Hilary and her image online, and Jazz’s role in that. Which really doesn’t exist in the realm of her work.

“What you’re saying is that we’re official, but we’re not going to go public.” he says.

“Yes” Hilary promptly fires back. Leading to Jazz marching away upset.

What’s interesting here is that there are female influencers everywhere who have to downplay their relationships because many of their fans will stop supporting them if they understand that they have already have someone.

If that sounds unfair that’s because it is.

It’s a tough play for Hilary for sure, someone who’s already sacrificed a lot for that damn influencer house.

It also poses another less serious question.

Do you trust your partner to borrow your dream car?

Some other notes.

Will’s dynamic on the basketball team is also being done well this season. You’ll recall that he was the star of the squad in the original series as well. And that there was regular conflict over how he would play the game.

To close the show, we had that tense scene between Uncle Phil and Hightower. That might be the real feud.

We’ll have to keep an eye on that for sure

See you next time!

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