Not Dead Yet: “It sucks that your dad sucks”

Not Dead Yet was new again this week, and we saw some decent laughs per minute, as well as some important character development. The show did once again demonstrate its ability to hit us hard emotionally as well.

First off, let’s talk about our DPOW the week, or our dead person of the week, which was Terri and Hamhock her pig puppet. The show bumps much more nicely when there is an animated and relevant dead person shadowing Nell. And we had that again this week (Jane the motivational speaker is still my favorite).

We had another breakthrough with the rules. We learned during the cold open that if Nell gets assigned more than one obituary at a time that she’ll get visited by more than one ghost.

Let’s talk about Lexi and Sam. More Hannah Simone and Lauren Ash will never be a bad thing on FTR when it comes to this show. The cadence just keeps getting better. I hate to keep making “New Girl” comparisons but its here and its working very well. We also saw some growth between Edward and Cricket.

The philosophy of this blog is that interchangeable cast members make for stronger TV. That applies here.

Some quick hits that I enjoyed.

The acronym BFFUTI made me laugh.

The “You okay bro?” approach by Nell when talking to Lexi was great. As was “It looks like your waiting for your dragons to hatch.”

Lexi also thinking “Karen” is a compliment was also funny moment for the character.

This was a solid week for the show. And shout out for the remix of “The Dreamer’s Disease” at the end. Its upbeat ABC sitcom TV that so far has been enjoyable.

I’ll see you next time.

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