Ted Lasso: In rooting for Nate’s downfall, we could be missing the point of the show

“F*** yeah, fight back! Don’t give that little s*** anything!”

Those were words I was murmuring during the Ted Lasso season 3 premiere, as the show continued rewarding the behavior of Nate. One of television’s biggest traitors.

You remember Nate? Of course, you do. The towel boy that Ted took under his wing, and treated like a protege. They won together. But when that soccer Judas got a taste of fame, he threw Ted under the bus during his most vulnerable moments and bolted to manage a rival squad.

Now the premiere has him talking s*** during his first big press conference, while Giles from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” encourages his behavior and actually rewards him with a new sports car. F*** that.

This is how I feel. Ted Lasso makes you feel things. That’s why we love the program.

But in thinking that way instinctivley, are we missing the entire point of the show?

Ted is a superhero when you think about it. His power is inspiring and winning over others by brute force kindness.

When its Ted’s turn to finally answer back, he takes the “Rocky Balboa” approach, by agreeing with Nate on his points, which gets the entire press corp laughing. It works. We see Nate slam his laptop shut, and he’s promptly dissed by his father for swearing on TV.

This is the main arc of what is likely the final season. It will likely come down to Ted vs. Nate. And if we’re being honest, Nate will probably win. Just like Jamie beat Ted in the first season.

But it won’t make him whole. Maybe that is supposed to be our revenge.

I love watching Ted Lasso. If you love reading about it, please help me out below. Thank you!

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