YouTube TV will force viewers back to cable with inexplicable price hike

I’m pretty angry right now. Before I begin, read YouTube’s tweet regarding their latest price increase below..

That’s just a bunch of crap, really.

What really bothers me about YouTube’s $8 dollar price increase is the citation of rising content costs.

You really could pinpoint that to the issue at the heart of the other streamers who can’t stop raising their prices as well.

We don’t need this much content. Why must TV consumers continue to be on the hook for shows and features that no one asked for?

YouTube doesn’t get this.

And now we have to start talking numbers. $73 dollars is a lot of money. Certainly, more than some cable packages.

What this price hike will do is continue to drive more people back to “the cord”. Many viewers moved to streaming to save money, and instead have been nickeled and dimed right back to where they started from.

So what can you do? I’m a cash strapped viewer like yourself. This hurts all of us.

You can continue to constantly assess what you need. I’m always subscribing and unsubscribing to things based on what I want to watch.

If a service is wasting my time with a thrice rebooted project they can’t seem to hit on, then they’re not going to get my money.

I urge you to be the same way.

Shame on you YouTube TV.

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