Ted Lasso: Breaking down that incredible locker room dialog sequence

Forgive me but I’ve been rebooted, revisioned, and reimagined straight to hell. I’m sick of seeing my childhood cinematic treasures recycled for a quick and unimaginative buck. This is why I appreciate words. Specifically dialog.

And after the locker room scene in this week’s Ted Lasso, I wanted to stand up and applaud in the coffee shop where I watched it.

You know what I’m talking about, because you probably loved it too.

Was it about Zava? The superstar free agent?
Was it about Trent Crimm? And the book he’s writing about the team?
Was it about Roy and Keeley? And our favorite couple breaking up?

The answer is yes.

This wonderful sequence has been pasted together over the next two tweets. Watch them in succession (another show with top notch dialog).

Pick a line. Any line. They’re all winners.


“What’s a CD?”

The missed key toss from Ted to Coach Beard.

Coach Beard running back in the room when he discovers Roy dumped Keeley.

The sequence just stacks and stacks, and keeps stacking. And the payoffs were incredible.

And this was just one of the winning scenes. You could also say great things about Keeley’s speech to her stuck up manager.

Then there is Rebecca’s monologue about how Rupert won her over…And subsequently left her. Or Rebecca’s tough talk to Zava. They’re all winners. Hannah Waddingham could have some more awards hardware in her home before its all over.

I already can’t wait until next week.

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