Will Trent: Angie’s story overcomes cliche ridden predictable cop plot

After a far too long break, Will Trent was back with a new episode this week, and while the main plot may have been the weakest of its freshman run, it was actually a backstory that stepped up and gave us a real reason to watch this time out.

First off. Bad B**** Betty is a win. I love this damn dog.

Second. Nico? Still annoying as hell. Why are we supposed to care? She stole from Will after he took her in.

Third was this week’s main plot. That is the “manhunt” for Sam Laporte. Sadly, it was painfully predictable. We knew that from our first presentation of Sam and the standoff in the courtroom. The entire hostage situation with Faith, and the reveal of the corrupt cops is just so tired. I expect more from ‘Trent’ in this regard. Ianatha Richardson did some great acting but not even she could lift up this story we’ve seen so many times before.

The episode wasn’t exactly a dud though.

I thought Angie’s angle of confronting her juvenile attacker was riveting. Her story sometimes has trouble finding space in the same environment with a character as interesting as Trent, but the back and forth here was solid. The final hug in the kitchen gave us some comfort despite the way things turned out.

It’s also a fun occasional treat when we see Trent and Ormewood work together. Its a great contrast in styles of detective work. I hope they never get along.

All in all, it was still great to have Will Trent back. If you enjoy the show, let your voice be heard. We haven’t got renewal yet.

I’ll see you next time.

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