Succession: Viewers forgot that Connor was at Logan’s birthday party

This week, we had the premiere of the final season of “Succession” and as the highly decorated drama amped up for the final run, we did get a reminder of what a bad birthday party looks like.

And before we move any further, Alan Ruck is my boy. Ferris Bueller, Speed, Spin City…Line them all up. I’ll watch them happily.

But America either completely forgot, or willingly ignored that Connor was at Logan’s ill fated birthday party. The patriarch suffered doing the annual celebration of his life, and it was highlighted by a poorly done rendition of “Happy Birthday” and a roast gone wrong.

He asked to be roasted, because many of these times these roasts come from a place of love. And there was no love at this party.

And he may have gotten more than he asked for when Cousin Greg let him have it in the funniest part of the show.

“Where are your kids? Where’s your kids Uncle Logan? On your big birthday.”

Logan would bite back with a nasty line about Greg’s dad but he got stung. And he ended the night getting outbid by his kids (maybe the happiest part of the entire evening) and going to bed after chewing out a producer working on the news broadcast he was watching.

It was his version of crying in his girlfriends lap. The way his son, Kendall, ended his 40th birthday party last year.

But Connor was there the whole time. Remember his one percent in the polls? The one hundred million dollar, one percent?

Somehow the joke still worked wonderfully. It never occurred to me that Logan could have brought up Connor or has also just dismissed him completely.

One of this show’s biggest writing achievements is going to be how they made Connor disappear at both of these birthday parties (there was also the thing with the coat at Kendall’s birthday party).

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