Star Trek Picard: Changelings want Jack Crusher to get them to the next level, and a Janeway name drop

Star Trek Picard was back this week with a new episode as The Next Generation Crew tries to find some answers aboard the Titan, after Riker was abducted by the Changelings last week in that attempt to rescue Data from Daystrom Station.

The events of this week’s show would prove that trade not living up to its worth at this point.

We saw the crew set up a trap for Vadic and things appeared to be going lovely at first, with Beverly and Jean Luc getting some answers from the Changeling pertaining to their motives. Basically, they were capture and tortured, stuff we’ve all heard before from species that try to take over the galaxy.

Then we had Lore, back on his nonsense allowing her to escape and take over the Titan as we prepare to learn the truth about Jack Crusher. We finally got back Data, but at what costs?

Let’s talk about Jack, who has some sort of telepathic powers that allowed him to guide Sydney through her fight with the Changeling. They created some sort of bond when they touched. Is that what the Changelings want? A higher form of control? Not just to imitate a lifeform but to control it. An organic Borg for lack of better words.

Some other notes…

Great seeing Tuvok (in some form) and we had a Janeway name drop. Could we find the leader being held hostage with the others at Frontier Day? That seems to be where we’re headed.

Star Trek is continuing to franchise build. Its getting easier to see Jack Crusher getting his own series.

I’ll see you next time.

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