True Lies: It doesn’t feel like CBS cares for it very much

So, I’m sitting here watching True Lies and instead of another recap, which could have been cool with Harry and Helen heading to my home turf of Florida, I’m going to talk about something else.

Mostly, how the show seems to be prepared to be taken out back by CBS and put out of its lower ratings and social engagement misery.

And this is CBS’s fault. The show isn’t that bad. It’s been getting better. But it doesn’t get anywhere near the love of a Fire Country or even an East New York.

The network killed its “Lingo” lead-in because they want to save resources in case there is a labor strike. This means that instead of an Equalizer pre game or sharing a night with Blue Bloods, True Lies gets nothing.

Then there is the social media efforts. You can’t get “Fire Country” twitter to shut up, and East New York also tweets a lot. True Lies? A tweet a week. Maybe two.

Low buzz from adjacent shows and low social media engagement makes it tougher for a new show to break through. Oh, its still possible. CBS isn’t exactly fertile ground for influencers in the demo. I can show you that by the readership on my blog (minus Fire Country, you guys are nuts).

I’m writing this post because the show isn’t bad. Its enjoyable. The production visuals are solid, the cast is charismatic, and there is an atmosphere for this kind of show in its current time slot.

But if the network doesn’t want it to succeed, it won’t. That’s the way it works at CBS, that’s the way it works everywhere.

And we’ll be stuck with another FBI, CSI, or NCIS show.

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