Bel Air: Phil’s words to Carlton should be heard by every son

“I’m proud of you. And I never want you to think that I don’t believe in you. Okay? I’m always betting on you to win. Always.”

Those were Phil’s words to Carlton, after his son let his cousin and uncle win the hotly contested flag football game at the Bank’s family reunion, following a build up full of trash talking, that was supported by love but fueled by competition.

This blog has complimented Olly Sholotan before, as it has Adrian Holmes but the role of Phil or Uncle Phil to fans of the original sitcom is one of the most cherished fatherhood roles in television.

And Bel Air did right by it again.

There are kids growing up all over the country without a dad (just like Will) that will never hear words like that when they’re growing up and even if its just through a TV show, it can be comforting to know that the sentiment exists even if its not in their life at the moment.

Some other notes…

We know where the Founder’s Award is going. It’s going to be nasty. You know what my theory is. And I’m pretty confident about it (story HERE).

The Jazz vs. Lamarcus stuff could also get nasty, but if we’re being completely honest then we have to believe that it will be splitsville between Hillary and Jazz.

I’m interested to see where the Geoffrey storyline is going with Frederick. Will they leave Bel Air for a spell? While it flies in the face of the show’s concept, I wouldn’t mind a short excursion sometime soon.

In closing, it was a joy to see Anna Maria Horsford a staple from my TV childhood playing Uncle Phil’s mom. “Amen” used to lead right into “The Golden Girls” at my house on Saturday nights. She’ll always have time on my screen.

See you next time.

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