Fire Country: The arsonist was this person

“Fire Country”, the Best Good Bad Show on Television was back this week after being benched for March Madness for the last couple of weeks, and we reached the conclusion to our arsonist storyline.

And it actually wasn’t that bad.

As many of you suspected it was Collin O’Reily who was the arsonist, or Alex Shallcross, a pyromaniac using a fake identity, who got a high from putting out the fires he started for the glory of being a hero.

All of this came to a wrap when Collin showed up on his day off to fight a fire with the crew, while forgetting to take all of the incriminating evidence off of his truck. The purp walk felt a little Scooby Dooish but it was satisfying enough.

The MVP of the episode was Jake or Jordan Calloway, who continues to unravel layers from what should be a one dimensional character. CBS is addicted to spin offs (CSI, NCIS, FBI) if they must spin off this show, they have to use him.

This episode was perfect. We still haven’t gotten back to Sharon’s kidney. They could be saving it for the season finale, which is where I thought they would have stuck this storyline, but its all good. As long as we keep Dianne Farr, I’ll be happy.

We’ve still got a couple of weeks left, and there is some time to play with. Country music superstar Kane Brown will be guest starring next week, in what will be his big acting tryout.

I’ll see you there.

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