Grand Crew: “Thank you for noticing my cry for help”

Grand Crew was back again this week, and the show continues its winning streak in a second season that has been better than the first, while trying to stave off cancellation from a network that hasn’t treated it (or any of it’s Friday night comedies) right.

Let’s start with my favorite angle of the episode, Big Sherm and his dating life, which indirectly led to him befriending his girlfriend’s adult son, who was actually pretty close to his age. The anime talk was great, as was the friendship montage. When it was all over Elias was a pretty good fit with the rest of the group, while his mom (or Sherm’s girlfriend) was a thing of the past.

We also had Noah and Nikki’s dad trying to get back out on the dating scene. Watching the sibs trying to sabatoge their dad’s relationship was also terrific. I winced when Brenda added water to the wine. And I laughed at the failed attempt to plant weed on her.

“Is this reefer? I’ve never seen it up close.” My favorite line of the ep.

The Anthony and Fay angle is at an important nexus. While they stretched it out over a season and change, now they have to figure out what to do with them. The rest of the group (and Elias) has discovered that they’re sleeping together, so what now? I think you can start integrating them with other angles while preserving the romance.

In closing, we have to talk about viewership. The show needs help. While it’s been mistreated, the numbers are still too low. That’s unfortunate because it’s been improving and it’s better than a lot of sitcoms on other networks (and some on NBC too).

Let’s see where we go.

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