Will Trent: Angie absolutely has to kill her childhood abuser

No new Will Trent this week (Thanks ABC). Let’s talk about one of the ongoing stories that has really stepped up, becoming the most interesting aspect of the freshman show outside of its weekly cases.

I’m talking about Angie confronting the sexual abuse she experienced when she was a teenager. And her attacker, Lenny, rubbing it in her face when she went after him for it.

“You gave all the boys a taste. But what you wanted was a man. And I gave you one.” he bragged.

While it’s wrong to advocate for violence in the real world. I can tell you that Angie should absolutely take justice in to her own hands on this television program. And I think viewers want that too.

This monster needs to die.

If we’re being completely honest, I think that’s because ‘Trent’ has done such an incredible job here, and because Erika Christensen is adding more excellent material to her wonderful career.

We’re owed vengeance. This is an emotional balance that must be paid.

The show will most likely opt for jail. That would be the network television solution. But for someone like Lenny, who has done as much damage as he has, and possibly abused other young girls, I think you need to go full Dexter here. You can’t go higher road. This villain doesn’t deserve higher road.

Then there is the added dimension of Angie’s drug use. She might very well relapse. If she does before Lenny is brought to justice, then he definitely has to die. He’s destroyed her life.

We need this revenge. We have to have it.

In closing, we also have to support Will Trent in the coming weeks. We don’t have renewal yet. The worst thing that could happen would be losing the show and having this angle unresolved.

See you next time.

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