Night Court: Cow Tippers, Jet Ski Hooligans, and Captain James T. Kush

Night Court was back this week with a new episode, and it was pretty good for a variety of reasons. But of course, I’m going to begin with something that probably jumped out at all of us TV nerds.

And I’m talking about Kurt Fuller playing DA Jeff Dewitt.

Fuller has been doing this acting thing very well for decades now. He’s one of those actors that take me back to classics like “Wayne’s World” “Running Man” and “No Holds Barred” from my childhood. I was happy to see him.

And bear with me for a moment of bragging, I spotted that DA Jeff Dewitt poster on “Train Court” weeks back (story HERE).

Anywho, Abby wanted to get close to Dewitt to encourage him to take more of an evidence based approach to prosecution. This meant infiltrating a high class club to get a sit down with him. It wasn’t long before Dan discovered that he only wanted to use Abby as the “fall judge” for his next campaign message of cracking down on soft on crime policies. Abby was able to outfox him by exploiting his weakness for fooling around with nurses.

It was a good time. Of course, I’m going to talk about two pros like Fuller and Larroquette getting to share some lines. But the rest of the cast also got something to do. It was cartoony at times but I wasn’t bored. When the show was over I was happy.

Night Court is building itself nicely. And the laugh track was better this week. I’ll see you next time.

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