The Mandalorian: “You had me at Battle Droids”

The Mandalorian was back this week, and Bryce Dallas Howard remains undefeated in the director’s chair of this program, giving us a fun episode that featured a line up of guest stars, and channeled many of the crime procedurals we see on TV each week.

We began with Din and Bo reaching a world where Mandalorians were serving as a private security force for what seemed like a perpetual party for fun loving aristocrats. But before they could be given passage, they had to rid the community of their rogue droid problem.

The group featured Jack Black, Christopher Lloyd, and musical star, Lizzo, all in over the top roles that kept the feeling light. We would also get the return of Mercedes Varnado aka Sasha Banks of WWE fame, as Koska Reeves later in the show.

Din and Bo had to track down what was making the droids attack humans and there were times where it felt like I was watching a Law and Order or CSI episode, but it was the droids playing the stereotypical parts. It was ultimately Christoper Lloyd, a disgruntled serparatist and Count Dooku disciple, that was behind all of the attacks. Bo an Din got a key to the city. Grogu was knighted after helping Lizzo win a game of Star Wars cornhole, and the show would have already been a victory had it ended there.

But we hadn’t even gotten to the best part.

Bo defeated her successor to take back control of the Mandalorian party and Din explained to the group that she had rescued him and won the Darksaber back from his captive, making her the rightful owner. The show ended with Bo igniting the weapon and retaking her place as leader.

This is why its one of the best shows on TV right now. I loved almost every second. Katee Sackhoff has one of the best roles on TV right now. She’s crushing every second.

See you next week.

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