What’s On TV Tonight 4/7/23: a rare all new Friday with Smackdown, Grand Crew, SWAT

How about that? A Friday night full of new content on free television. A rarity in what is often considered an entertainment desert where families venture out to do things outside of the house.

CBS has a new SWAT, new Fire Country and Blue Bloods.

NBC is giving us a new Lopez vs. Lopez, new Grand Crew, and new Dateline NBC.

FOX has our first Smackdown following last week’s epic Wrestlemania.

ABC is airing a new Shark Tank followed by 20/20

Even the CW is all new with Penn and Teller: Fool Us and new Whose Line Is It Anyways and Great American Joke Off.

Check back tomorrow for reviews on Fire Country and Grand Crew.

Happy viewing!

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