Alert Missing Persons Unit: 5 Things we need to see in Season 2

Hooray! Alert: Missing Persons Unit has been renewed. Thank you, FOX.

Now, we’ll get the chance to expand our on experience following this sharp group of heroes as they try to save more people.

Here is what we want to see in Season 2 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit.

More Scott Caan being Scott Caan: The most popular part of this show is Scott Caan. It ain’t even close. Credit his following from years on TV. Jason is also a cool character. The leather jacket and the revolver was one of the sharpest hero aesthetics on TV this year. Let’s give him another muscle car too.

But keep building Ryan Broussard too: Dude is a star. Mike is a hero. Give him some more angles, and make him the interchangeable utility guy with a different partners every week.

No more confusing season long arcs: The Keith storyline kinda had everybody shrugging at the end. The weekly cases were much more interesting. If they must have a long range focus, lets go for a really nasty and elusive “big bad” villain. A moving target that just keeps getting away.

Give Kemi something serious to do: Kemi is a good character. Adeola Role is a good actor. But lose the eggs and limes. The best thing she did last season was go after her kidnapper. Put her in the field more and let her work some cases. The love triangle was fun last season, but she could be the fourth of two really cool pods.

More Nikki action sequences: The scene that won the show over for me was Dania Ramirez (and her excellent stuntperson) jumping off the balcony trying to get the bad guy. I also loved the trick she pulled on those militia guys with the bomb. And please don’t force one of the stars of this show to say “baby” every episode.

Can’t wait until next season. I’ll see you there!

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