Shrinking: 5 Things we need to see in Season 2

Goodness, I miss Shrinking already.

But, the good news is that Jimmy, Paul, G-Spot, and D-Train, along with the others, will be back for another season. We even got something of a “cliff-faller” as the show ended its first campaign.

I adore this program. Here is what I want to see in Season 2 of Shrinking.

Liz being mean to customers at the food truck: She’ll be working with Sean as he tries to build his business. I want her to miss the customer service mark completely. I can already see it in my head. And I want Pam to be her first customer.

More Heidi Gardner: We know that Grace will probably be back after pushing her abusive boyfriend off of a cliff. I’d like to see her getting help from Jimmy in jail. She’s great on Saturday Night Live too.

Jimmy and Gaby dating different people: I know that he is “safe d***” but I’ve laughed, and I want to see these two great characters have romantic adventures with different people too.

I want to see Paul healthy: Man, I’m spoiled getting this much Harrison Ford in 2023. The Shrinking showrunner told me on Twitter he won’t do more without the legend, but I’m not prepared to watch this character suffer either. But I still want more Wendy Malick too. A doctor without a sickness. It’s a big ask. I know.

The occasional check-in on Sean’s mental health: Shrinking has handled veterans mental health better than any show currently on the air at the moment. He’s had ups and downs, and I’d like to keep his progress somewhere in the narrative. If only mentioned a couple of times. Thank you to the writers for their work on this.

And I will see you next season!

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