Rabbit Hole: Eight bucks for a Candy Bar

Regardless of how long Rabbit Hole eventually goes, its first season won’t be remembered for being easily followed, as the show continues flip flopping on the fate of some of its characters.

We thought John’s team was dead in the pilot. Then we realized they weren’t dead last week. Then we discovered that they were indeed dead this week. And that it was that Kyle kid, who was at first an intern but eventually a professional killer, who almost took out Ben, who at first, we also thought was dead but ended up being alive.

Did you get all that?

Now, I get it. Truth in advertising. The show is called “Rabbit Hole” for a reason. But it was already confusing when it all began. Now its become even more so. I can’t even remember what we’re chasing after. Its almost silly at this point.

It wasn’t all bad. There was a solid action sequence to get the show rolling. Its been lagging in that regard. But action consultants on the show need to know that two guys walking through an open field isn’t exactly tactical. But it’s something.

We got to spend more time with Madi, which I thought was a nice change up. I did find her mark to be a little too friendly, letting a stranger go into her home, use the bathroom, and set up a drinking date so easily.

So, not the best episode of Rabbit Hole. But I’ve got faith in Kiefer Sutherland and Charles Dance to get us back on the right track soon.

See you next week.

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