Barry: The building sand scheme is valid and true

One of the best shows on television returned this weekend, and there are about half a dozen things that I could have blogged about, and I might do so as we move further into the week. But today, we’re talking about sand.

More specifically, the building sand scheme that NoHo Hank was setting up with his partner and all of those gangsters in a blood pact forged at a Dave and Busters.

Beforehand while house hunting, the two discover how difficult it can be to find sand that can actually be used for construction. You can’t just use the stuff you dig up from the ground. It’s true. It has to be shipped in from other places.

How do I know? Because I discovered it in a similar way that NoHo Hank did. And Barry probably already knows that this happens.

When I was deployed in Iraq, we had to fill sandbags. These bags were used for a variety of things. Mostly protection. But even though we were surrounded by the stuff, we couldn’t fill the bags with it. We had to wait for the truck importing the sand from somewhere else before we could get to work.

It also happens with coastal developments. We’ve got construction companies literally bringing sand to the beach.

And I’m sure there are people profiting off of it. They’ve been doing it for decades.

It’s unfortunate that NoHo Hank will once again be enemies with Barry. He’d better hope that it doesn’t get him killed.

Because he was given an out with someone he cared about on a legitimate business plan.

Probably the most valid business plan ever developed with gangsters holding stuffed animals and inflatable toys.

I’ll see you next week.

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