Gotham Knights: Eunice had it all coming, and should have gotten worse

Another week, another new episode of Duela Nights Gotham Knights, and kudos to the writers for bringing back a memorable character from earlier in this freshman show’s run.

I’m talking about Eunice (played perfectly by Veronica Cartwright), the Talon’s daughter (?), who made such an impression when the Knights visited her in the nursing home earlier this season and released a tirade that is one of the more memorable moments of crazy TV I’ve seen this year.

Well, this lady stabbed our girl Duela through the hand with a ballerina.

Yeah, Duela kidnapped her, and Carrie had to force her to stop torturing the disturbed senior, but we have to remember that this lady is evil. Still, heroes going to hero.

I get it. This ain’t HBO, its the CW, and while I would love for the Joker’s daughter to do like her dad with this lady who facilitates decapitations, there is a younger audience here. We have to take the high road. That’s why Carrie is there.

And why the two make good television together.

We also had Harvey hooking up with Rebecca while her man got turned into a pin cushion by the Talon and is in a coma. So, the show isn’t above bad decisions all together. Having Cressida return before the credits, with that dope track in the background was also a nice way to send it off.

We had Harvey, Duela, and Carrie in different pods from the main group, and I think it made for a good TV, but also proof that we need more meaningful stuff for the rest of the crew to do. The art heist storyline actually felt like a side quest because it wasn’t as interesting as the other parts of the plot.

Next season, they might have to pair up these characters with the popular ones. It can work, they just have to play the right notes.

Solid ep though. I’ll see you next time.

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