Night Court: Dan Fielding departure bluff had better be just that, a bluff

Night Court set themselves up for a pretty decent season finale, after a couple of plot lines that have set up some of the characters for a possible departure after this freshman season. Night Court got an early renewal not long after debuting.

One of those possible departures teased was Dan Fielding. Yes, John Larroquette, a Night Court OG. He was getting in a cab after a going away party when he got an important phone call.

And that turned out to be Judge Abby, from jail, after helping a senior she met in court try to break into Shady Acres, a retirement home (shout out Grand Theft Auto: Vice City).

We also had Gurgs potentially get a gig at Scotland Yard and a Marsha Warfield guest stint, and a Rand rift with Abby that could potentially lead to his departure.

But we’re going to talk about Dan, because he’s what’s left of the show’s legacy and what many original viewers like myself tune in to see.

That’s not a diss on the regular cast, which I like fine. The writing needs to be edgier and the canned laughter needs some tuning, but the parts here are fine.

But we need Dan Fielding. He’s what the “newboot” first brought to us when they were pitching this thing a couple of years back. He’s still good. They did the older Dan right. Which is why he needs to stay.

It probably is just a bluff. He’ll get Abby out of jail. They’ll bring up Louisiana late in the show and he’ll wave it off.

Because if he does leave. Well…Its best not to think about it.

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