Ted Lasso: Find out, before you flip out

Ted Lasso had a lot of burgers on the grill this week, so I’m just going to go straight to my notes..

Is the #TedBecca shipping movement way off base? It feels like we’re hoping awfully hard for something to happen without the showrunners giving us any indication that it may.

This Keely-centric episode was awfully hard on Keely and awfully good for Juno Temple. Keely is often on the softer side of the story spectrum, so this sex video leak destroying her relationship with Jack (who indeed turned out to be too good to be true) came out of nowhere. Still all the talent involved crushed it.

My Gen Xers also know the song from the video was “Criminal” by Fiona Apple.

We keep rewarding Nate for bad behavior. He gets Jade but still goes low on Ted with Rupert. At least his Love Hounds rip off of the Diamond Dogs flailed. One of my big predictions was also wrong. I thought Ted, Henry, and Beard at the game was one of the last shots of the series. That jerk Nate didn’t even waive back.

AFC Richmond is winning again. This could deflate predictions that Rebecca might fire Ted before the series ended.

You may have missed it, but Ted did indeed play tough with Henry’s bag to check her hand for an engagement ring.

What you may not have missed was Henry leaving his possible future stepdad hanging on the way into the taxi. Ted was looking on and appeared like he felt sorry that it happened. The ex saw Ted watching and appeared embarrassed.

Great episode. Ugh, I’ll miss this show when it’s gone.

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