Will Trent: Successful first season finale makes this network’s best new show

Will Trent had a heck of a first season, capped by a terrific finale that left us on a cliffhanger last week, as Will not only had to rescue a kidnapped Angie, but get her back from the serial killer responsible for the death of the mother he never knew.

And the whole episode was done well. I enjoyed the opening walkthrough sequence that show Angie and even Betty, fighting the killer who would eventually be discovered as James Ustler. The dramatic rescue highlighted by Will talking to his departed mother in his head was done very well. Add in some comedy from a returning Mark Paul Gosselaar, and very touching flashbacks with Amanda and Evelyn, and we had some first class storytelling on ABC last night.

I’m happy ABC pulled the trigger on a second season for Will Trent, because its their best new show.

The Company You Keep is good. Alaska Daily was a missed opportunity, and “Not Dead Yet” is just fine in the sitcom realm.

But Trent managed to occasionally break away from simply “good” television to excellent entertainment a couple of times during the season. The opening arc with the Campanos was intriguing, and the progression of Angie throughout the opening campaign was very well done. Erika Christensen remains underrated on network TV.

And Betty? The cutest real thing on television, and second only to Grogu overall.

There are a lot of ways Will Trent can go next year. I’ll be throwing out my recommendations soon. But right now, I’m happy I tuned in and will be anxiously awaiting the show’s return.

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