Not Dead Yet: Delivering mail while passing a kidney stone

Rhea Perlman, ladies and gentlemen. It was good to have the long time TV staple play Janice, a postal carrier who didn’t miss a day of work in over 43 years. She was a highlight on this week’s “Not Dead Yet”.

But the main focus was Phillip. Nell’s ex who returned to the area to work at a pop up restaurant because he owed a friend a favor, and “it beats Antarctica”. ‘Dead’ has done a lot of things well, but the build up to Phillip didn’t feel as big as they wanted it to make us feel.

Sam and Lexy did much better. The confrontation with each other over how the latter spoils her daughter and sabotaged the dual birthday party was actually pretty entertaining, and they pulled the string just in time. That scene with Dennis and the kids in the boardroom also worked as well.

When Phillip and Nell met during the party, I felt the way Sam did. I don’t trust the dude. I’m happy that showrunners are giving us an important character who has some reservations about letting this guy back in so easy.

If we’re being completely honest, if Phillip flees then I don’t know how they build Nell back up after that. If not for the surrounding cast, then ‘Dead’ can feel like a bummer a lot of times. I’ve said a few times that she should just go back to her family’s restaurant. Happiness shouldn’t be this hard to find.

Still, enjoying the ride, and am hoping for renewal. And if you’re reading this, you probably are too.

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