Not Dead Yet: Season finale could also serve as series ender if renewal doesn’t arrive

Not Dead Yet aired its season finale last night, and should this be it for the Gina Rodriguez supernatural rom-com, then I think it left us in a good place.

I do believe ‘Dead’ will see renewal, although ABC stacking the final two episodes did it no favors in the ratings, disturbing the routine of viewers. But I’ll get back to that.

For the finale we had Phillip moving in with Nell and Edward, and things seemed to be going well. Nell was actually behaving like a more put-together person with the help of Grace (Deborah S. Craig) an organization guru ghosts.

But as Nell and Phillip settled in, she lost the ability to see ghosts. I mean, that’s kind of a series ender right there.

Still, there was more as Phillip hosted a dinner party and tried aggressively to win over the skeptical group of friend and co workers. This gave us the gift that is Lexy vs. Edward. Goodness, if this show comes back for another season, I need to see more of these two together.

In the end, Nell realized that Phillip wasn’t what she needed anymore and sent him on his way. Dennis got approved as a foster parent for siblings, and the group seemed closer than ever as the season pulled to a close.

“Not Dead Yet” isn’t perfect, but its good. And despite ghosts being the trendy concept for shows, its created its own unique space where we’re getting the benefits of the supernatural laughs but on a different track where they add to the charm and don’t consist of it entirely. There are also a lot of fun things they could do with another season.

I would recommend renewal. Let’s see what happens.

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