Drops of God: Game changing flashback may change who you’re rooting for

“Drops of God” is some of the best television available right now. Certainly a show that I’m looking forward to every week on my calendar.

And the manga-based mini series threw a big twist at us this week, as we got to follow the parents of our two wine tasting prodigies, with a revelation that might change who you’re hoping will take home the $148 million dollar wine fortune.

We caught up with Alexandre Leger back in the early 90s who was working on the vineyard when Honoka, Issei Tomine’s mother, visits as a part of a student tour. Also on the tour is Hirokazu, who threw all of his personal belongings in an envelope and seemingly abandoned his life last week, which made a lot more sense after this episode was complete. Alexandre and Honoka have immediately chemistry, but we’re also introduced to Camille’s mom, Marianne who is already dating the father of her child.


After Alexandre’s blunt views on big vineyards is rejected by the French wine establishment, he heads to Japan with Marianne, where she builds connections in the embassy and he reconnects with Honoka while teaching a class that becomes popular with the students. But Hirozaku ruins everything by getting drunk after being rejected by Honoka, and passes out on campus, upsetting the Japanese faculty and getting Alexandre fired.

This leads to an affair between Alexandre and Honoka, but Marianne announces that she’s pregnant with Camille.

Alexandre immediately breaks it off with Honoka, but the two depart without Alexandre discovering that Honoka is pregnant too. Hirozaku steps up to provide cover for the affair, leading to the indifference we see between the two long after being married. While in the hospital with Camille, Alexandre sees Honoka checking out with what we believe is a baby Issei Tomine.

That’s alot. Let’s try to unpack everything.

We know that Alexandre was indeed trash.
We know that these mothers keep lying to their children because of him.

And what could flip the mirror on the series, we believe that this is a competition between brother and sister.

That could bring some support over to the otherwise dry Issei Tomine character, who hasn’t been as likable as his French opponent.

With parents like his, he may have earned a break.

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