Mrs. Davis: “DonotmesswithcelestetherewillbeConsequences_BIGONES”

Yeah, so I decided to write down Celeste’s password to her vault as the title of this post. I’ve got to make these things worth your while. I know GQ wrote it down on Simone’s quarterback bracelet but still.

And that brings us to this week’s episode where we’re “planning ahhhhhhh heist” as Simone/Lizzy decided to visit her mother for a suit used by her departed dad for a magic trick that lead to his supposed death , so they could fish the Holy Grail out of a whale’s stomach.

Mrs. Davis is indeed meeting its hype as something different. Isn’t it?

But we got a family reunion of sort, and a cool Mission Impossible vibe to this week’s episode. Of course Celeste was ahead of her daughter and that idiot Wily (who still hasn’t grown on me) and kept them from stealing it. I did love GQ admiring her prowess though. Celeste would eventually cut a deal with her daughter to help her retrieve the grail in exchange for her dad’s location, which leads me to…

Some other notes…

Where is Lizzy’s dad? And why was the location so unmentionable that it kept the woman that was a proxy for Mrs. Davis (or MD as she called her)? I’m looking forward to that.

I adored the shot of Simone holding “the constipator” in the vault. This show continues to create some remarkable visuals.

The streets are saying that “redirect 1042 Sandy Springs” could be the location of the Mrs. Davis server farm.

Anywho, we’re in full quest mode now and I’ve finally caught up on the episodes after Peacock made us binge (binging is bad TV watching guys) and I’m looking forward to riding out the rest of this season with you.

“I am the parakeet… coo coo co choo” a play on The Beatles

Until next week..

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