Bel Air: Five things we need to see for Season 3

Bel Air just recently wrapped on a successful second season and the show did another terrific job with multi tiered story telling. We had Will and Doc. Jazz and Hilary. Carlton and the drugs. Viv and her art. Everyone had something to do. Let’s hope that keeps going with renewal completed just a couple of weeks after the season began.

But here are five other things we need to see in Season 3 of Bel Air.

A true “Summertime” experience: They teased that the next season would take place in the summer before senior year. Bel Air does a great job setting the mood (see the family reunion ep) and I hope they do the same here. I want street parties, barbecues, and beaches. Bring it all.

When Phil met Geoffrey: Yeah, I want a flashback episode on how, when, and where Geoffrey and Phil met each other. The Geoffrey background arc is a fascinating one. If they could feed that into his current plot, it would be great.

The sitcom episode: Maybe Will gets food poisoning or another incident causing hallucinations, but I’d like to see this cast do a sitcom themed episode. It ironic because the whole concept is a reimagining but there could be a lot to learn there.

A trip to Philly: The danger in Philly is supposed to have been resolved. It should be safe for Will to make a return to visit his mom. Right? There could be some good ground to cover there.

Carlton in rehab: Yeah, its not good for the character, but its great for Olly Sholotan who did an ace job playing the troubled Banks middle child. Let’s get this guy an Emmy.

The next season can’t get here soon enough.

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