Fire Country: “Trying to listen to the better Angels”

Annnnnd we’re back. Sorry for the late delay. Paramount Plus left me hanging (story HERE) but I’m happy to bring you another post on the Best Good Bad show on television.

00:25 This dude, Sleeper. I thought Colin would be the season’s big bad but they wrapped that up way too soon. Now we got this guy.

1:55 Who the f*** are these guys? I don’t like that. Three Rock seems like such a cohesive group, now Sleeper how minions? Where the heck is Manny?

2:14 Gabby and this Bode rival. Little League is played on Saturdays. Ahhh there is Manny. On the couch with Faye while the son of the people that let him sleep on their couch gets beat up.

3:24 That’s a good deal, Manny. Take it.

3:30 Ohhhh, the Rebecca box. Never forget the real hero of this season, who helped everyone, before Bode used her and threw her way, then she was promptly smashed by a tree (story HERE).

4:40: Oh, I love Sharon. But what is going on with that kidney? Did they just abandon it?

5:00: Grandpa Walter Leone (Jeff Fahey). And Luke. This should be good.

6:52: Yeah, I’m going to go “running to cap”. Exactly that way.

7:10 That actually felt pretty good. Sleeper had that punch coming.

9:45 Okay. We got Gail trapped in a mine. Add this to trapped…

under a roof collapse
under an amusement park ride
under a tree
to a tree
Under a firetruck

10:45 Good dialog here. “No, he wasn’t drunk” “Never met a grudge he didn’t want to marry”

13:30 Bro. What are you doing? Lonnegan has got his saw certification now.

13:45 He just grazed Bode with a chain saw. Did that just happen?

Commercial break. Loving this Affleck ‘Dunkin commercial

15:14 Four to six hours for a rescue team to rescue some girl scouts? Goodness.

16:35 When you have this many characters advocating for the protagonist to do something, they tend to sound right.

17:23 They mentioned the kidney disease. They need to act on it otherwise they could have let it fizzle.

18:15 “PCP” equals Primary Care Provider

20:45 This is actually a good idea. Drug testing.

22:30 One of the kids trapped in the mine has diabetes.

22:36 We’re bouncing back to the gentlemen Leones. The stakes don’t feel so high this week.

22:55 Bruh…..Vince cheated on Sharon?! Whoooooaaah. Them stakes feel high now.

23:27 That was a good scene.

Commercial Break: I like the Little Ceasars Pretzel Pete add. Pretzel Piece has busted a move.

25:10 I’m glad Eve and Jake have something to do after the arsonist storyline. They have just kinda “been there” the last couple of weeks.

27:25 “Well, they’re just going to flip it over anyways tonight” that’s how I would have responded there.

28:16 Paloma probably thinking she’s done more to help her friends than these firefighters

30:30 The crazy thing about Walter agreeing to the surgery is that Vince cheated on Sharon!!!!

31:28 This Leone boys sub plot is more interesting than the mine cave in. I goof on the material, but Fire Country talent can throw down when they have to.

31:45 I like this too. Find the stash. Did they try to plant the stash on Freddie?

32:30 Action on multiple fronts. It has to be expensive but its working decently.

33:28 Nice payoff

35:30 I’ve said a dozen times. Dianne Farr is the best actress on this show. Loved that talk with Walter.

38:09 Now Billy Burke throwing out some strong stuff. Thumbs up.

38:50 He should have planted the drugs back on Sleeper. No? Writers also didn’t do Stephanie any favors with the “Are those….DRUGS?”

39:30 So, they expect Bode to just let Sleeper win? I ain’t with that s*** Lieutenant.

42:00 We got ourselves a perp walk. Hooray! Look at the mean mug on that corrections extra.

That’s it for this week. We’re rolling towards the season finale with renewal in place. Let’s see where they go!

Until next time!

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