The White House Plumbers: Heel dragging and Pussyfooting

Alright. So we’re doing White House Plumbers. If you’re new to FTR and you like following along with me, be sure to follow me on Twitter @FTRToday. I guess this is a five part mini series. If you love HBO, I’m also doing Succession and Barry, and recently finished “The Last of Us”.

Let’s go..

:044: Love the old HBO graphic.

:57: No names changed. Alright.

1:22 Will seldom say no to a Woody Harrelson project. Been following the guy since “Cheers” and the “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly” song.

2:50 The rocking jazz flute during a fairly simple opening credits scene. It’s a mini series. No legendary openings needed.

3:16 Harrelson is E. Howard Hunt, Former CIA Agent. “Grateful” eff that.

4:15 Hunt is a Brown man. At least that’s what the banner on his office says.

4:58 Ah, Lena Heady as Dorothy Hunt. I’m a Cersei Lannister stan. Great to see her here.

6:28 Rich Sommer here as Bud Grogh with some big “Head of TV” Crane “Mad Men” energy. The real ones will know what I’m talking about. Sally Draper should also be appearing during this series.

7:40 “Good luck with your little project.” What a jerk…

8:25 Justin Theroux as Gordon Liddy making a memorable first impression with the crowd.

8:57 I was waiting for that handshake shot. There is my art.

9:27 “Let us hope those rapes happen near pencil sharpeners.”

10:20 I want that car. Beautiful

11:55 Cottage cheese with ketchup? Blargh….

13:30 Mark Felt played by Gary Cole. My ace in the place. Covers on TPS reports please.

18:20 Is that a tape recorder in the fridge?

19:00 *Factoid* Ronald Reagan was Governor of California from 67-75 and yes, President from 81 to 89

19:55 Beautiful costumes.

20:38 No fingerprints on that gorgeous Volvo please…

21:20 Translation “We are doctors and friends of Dr. Fielding. With your permission we’re going to leave him something that he’s been waiting for.” “These offices are very clean. Good work.”

She responds “Are you guys doctors?” Hunt responds “Yes, we’re very important.’

28:05 Cue the Leo meme from “Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood” there is “Plumbers”

29:35 Ladies and Gentlemen, Judy Greer, one of my favorites. She’s great.

30:14 So, I heard what Dorothy did during World War II recovering art from the Nazis ala “Monuments Men” and there is a book.

30:20 Nice shot.

31:25 Does homeboy own vinyl of Hitler speeches? Yikes..

32:25 And Liddy just jumped down from the roof. Some good comedy here. Maybe a little surreal for the material but that might be the whole point.

37:00 HBO and showrunners are banking on a high IQ crowd for this kind of writing, and HBO has that, but these jokes might be too deep for even the “Succession” crowd.

42:00 A little bored. We got about 15 minutes left. Let’s see what they go with.

44:22 Maybe these guys aren’t too smart. And no file. The drug ruse was a nice attempt but who leaves their drugs behind?

49:45 Hey! They bought the junkie story!

51:00 Now you see this is interesting. My background was in politics and a lateral move from administration to campaign happens all of the time. Usually with communications or operations. Moving two government agents to the campaign sounds like a great idea for opposition research but well, we all know how this turns out. I might do a feature post on this.

53:56 FTR factoid. I watched a David Mandel Seinfeld rerun the same day I watched this.

Conclusion: Okay. So, the turkey was a little dry but the sizzle reel offers some promise, and hey, it’s the beginning of May. My Monday dance card is a little light. Let’s see where it goes.

I’ll see you next time.

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